About Us

Primegate foundation strive to create opportunities aimed at empowering the less privileged in our society.

In order to alleviate the dire situation left by the decline in the quality of education in Nigeria, Primegate Foundation is ensuring that less privileged children in different communities across the country are able to attend relatively good schools, and also provide less privileged and improvised communities with the bare necessities of life.

Our foundation has supported over



About us

Vision Statement

To be at the forefront of providing quality tuition-free education to the most vulnerable children in Nigeria.

Mission Statement

To improve the socio-economic status of the less privileged society through education and to make quality tuition-free education accessible to the most vulnerable children in Nigeria.

Aims and Objectives

Creating equal learning opportunities for the girl child.
Eradicating poverty and promoting the pursuit of excellence through educational development programs and projects.
Providing assistance and humanitarian services to less privileged members of the society.
Getting involved in charitable activities for orphans and the less privileged with the aim giving them a better standard of living.
Empowering women and youths through skills acquisition and entrepreneurship programs.
Making primary education accessible to children from less privileged homes

Scope of Work

Scholarship schemes,
Community outreach,
Teachers training, and
Adult education.